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"I had multiple issues on 2 computers. was able to sort out all issues. I am back up and running, and very appreciative of their assistance." John, USA

"Great customer service!!!! Thank you!" Jill, USA

"The technicians have been incredibly helpful and so very patient and considerate throughout this process. As tedious as it had to be for them, they never failed to be most pleasant and professional through the entire repair/ restore operations. I am very grateful and they have my deep thanks for all they have done while being charming as well." Sandra, USA

"So far every thing has been great and I feel happy with your company. Thanks for being kind to a 74 year old woman." Dorothy, USA

"Amazing service !!! " Judy, USA

"The team members were professional and made every effort to educate me as to the problems and fixes of my system. I understand much more now. This computer system is much faster now. The most beneficial part of this effort has been to insure that all the "trash" has been removed from my computer. I am very impressed with the team members efforts to insure that I understood what was being done. Good service." Billie, USA

"I think that the support team were extremely helpful and very polite with a rather unknowledgable customer." Marjorie, USA

"Personnel are very knowledgeable and professional. It has been a long day for me since I am not a person who really likes computers...A NECESSARY EVIL!!!" James, USA

"I think the team handled my problems in a very professional manner. They were very courteous and answered all of my questions clearly, and made sure I understood before moveing on." Nathan, USA

"I am surprisingly pleased with the improvement in the operation of my PCs." Wesley, USA